Best Mining Tenement Management Software

Tenement management in the mining industry refers to the process of acquiring, maintaining, and managing mining tenements or mineral rights. A tenement is a legal right or claim granted by the government to individuals or companies, allowing them to explore, develop, and extract mineral resources from a specific area. These tenements, often in the form of licenses or leases, provide the holder with exclusive rights to conduct mining activities within the designated boundaries. In this post, we take a look at some of the best mining tenement management software available to mining/exploration companies and tenement management consultancies alike.

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PX4 is PX4 Software's an intuitive platform that efficiently and effectively streamlines mining tenement management into a series of simple to follow workflows. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that PX4's system will step you through every regulatory obligation needed to comply with your requirements in each jurisdiction you are operating in. Whether you work for a Company or a Consultancy, if you have tenements that need managing, you’re in safe hands with PX4.

The only sexy tenement management software on the market!

PX4 Software


PX4 is the most intuitive, innovative and modern tenement management tool on the market. It’s challenging to summarise all our system’s benefits, but here are a few highlights.

✅ Projects View

PX4 Magic Minutes - Project Console, NROLA
A Project level view with brilliant graphs, summary tables and easy-to-export Project summary files. What may be taking you way too long to compile, is updated in real time by PX4.

✅ Cloud-Based

PX4 is as mobile as you are. A 100% cloud-based solution means you can access the system from anywhere, on any device.

✅ Reports

Need to send a report to clients or prepare an obligation report for a management meeting? You can download a report at the touch of a button within PX4.

✅ Jurisdictionally Specific Actions

Our custom PX4 engine can accommodate any jurisdiction’s specific regulatory obligations – and this is something that we pride ourselves on. PX4 is live, available and ready to rock and roll across all of Australia – with the specific terminology, requirements and actions of each jurisdiction embedded directly into our platform.

We are also live across Namibia and Alaska – and have more exciting developments lined up for 2023 and beyond! Our ability to scale PX4 to any jurisdiction in combination with our collaborative approach means we work with you to develop the best solution possible for your organisation wherever your projects live.

✅ Authority Console

PX4 Magic Minutes - Authority Console, Filtering and Bulk Actions
PX4 shows all critical information for each authority in an elegant, graphic and intuitive console.

✅ Secure

PX4 provides its clients with unparalleled data, system and personnel security features. If security is your thing, check out our Security page.

✅ Workload Forecasting

PX4 Magic Minutes - Actions Console, Filtering and Workflows
Work smarter, not harder. Manage your workload more efficiently with features such as the workload graphic, which enables you to have clear visibility into your workload over the coming months. A very handy workforce planning tool.

✅ Invite your Consultant into your Environment

If you’re using the services of a third-party, you can invite them into your PX4 environment to manage your tenements using your system. This provides transparency and visibility of your key data, and ensures that your consultants can still manage your tenements day-to-day.

You can also manage a heap of other related and non-related information (disturbance and rehabilitation activities/work programs/annual reports, etc) using the same system at the same time. The best of both worlds.


1slate is Flout Software's intuitive, easy-to-use, cloud-based and secure tenement management software, tailored to your jurisdiction.
With automatic and customisable alerts, automated integration with government and legislative requirements, plus a lifetime of free upgrades, you'll stay on top of every deadline and every change in legislation for the life of your tenements.

1slate doesn't just help you at the application phase, it helps you every day in meaningful, time-saving, risk-reducing, deadline-meeting, productivity boosting ways for the life of your tenements.

Flout Software


✅ Simple to Use

1slate has an intuitive and incredibly easy-to-use interface that requires no training despite a host of innovative, risk- and time-saving features. Designed by the people who use the software, we understand the daily reality of tenement management and designed 1slate to make your work life easier.

✅ Secure

1slate is a cloud-based, web-based management system where your data is encrypted and backed up right here in Australia by Azure services, one of the most secure servers in the world.

✅ Comprehensive

1slate keeps you on top of a mountain of information, tracking all your tenement-related tasks and obligations to safeguard against loss of tenures, fines or landholder and native title issues. 1slate is your Single Source of Truth, intelligently storing all your documents, correspondence, history, expenditure, work programs, landholder and native title, overlapping tenure and land access information at your fingertips.

✅ Cost-Effective

Not only is 1slate customisable and scalable to your unique needs, so are our pricing packages. We ensure you get the most comprehensive software for your $$$, no matter the size of your operation.

✅ Tailored to Your Jurisdiction

Legislative standards differ in each Australian state, but with 1slate, your database is tailored to your tenements' actual locations and includes a lifetime of free legislation updates to keep you on top of changes to statutory requirements deadlines without lifting a finger.

✅ Never Miss a Deadline

1slate's multi-layered early-warning system – with colour-coded alerts and automatic emails – ensures you'll never miss a deadline. Plus you can create your own custom alerts as well.

✅ Access Your Data, Anywhere, Anytime

As a secure cloud-based, web-based management system, 1slate keeps all your data at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need it.

✅ Scalable, Suitable for Any Sized Company

Whether you have one tenement or hundreds, 1slate's flexible, comprehensive, user-friendly interface has you covered. Which is why hundreds of our clients – from the mining industry and even tenement management companies – use our 1slate software.


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