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Stateline Copper-Silver Project

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The Stateline Property is located 10 km Southeast of the Lisbon Valley Mining Complex, 30 km southwest of Naturita, Colorado and 70 km southeast of Moab, Utah. The property consists of 22 unpatented mining claims.

The property is 148 ha and road accessible. Stateline has favourable stratigraphy for sediment hosted copper deposits in the emerging Paradox Copper Belt. It is located in the Lisbon Valley along trend of the Flying Diamond copper deposit.

Copper mineralization has been recognized in the Lisbon Valley since the 1890’s. Early modern exploration programs done by Noranda (1970s) and Kennecott (1990s) focused on bulk-tonnage deposits, although it is now apparent that a lack of understanding of the stratigraphy impeded many of these efforts. More recent work by Constellation Copper Corp and, later Lisbon Valley Mining Company (LVMC), identified a series of near-surface deposits in the Lower Lisbon Valley. Regional programs as part of this work included sampling over the Stateline claims and is highlighted by results of 1.6% Cu and 1.7 g/t Ag from rock sample, and 0.47% Cu and 2.1 g/t Ag across a 12 ft chip sample.

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